Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Hunt - C.J. Ellisson

The Hunt is the second in the V V Inn series. We start off shortly after leaving Vivian and Rafe after they hunted a rogue vampire on the Inn's property. After that incident her quests have a desire to have their acclaimed hostess have a planned hunt of their own for a high level Tribunal Rogue at the V V Inn.

This story is formatted different than Vampire Vacation, Each chapter is from a different characters POV, it rotates between five of the characters. One of which whom wasn't a main character in the first book. I felt this helped get a better scope of what was happening as the characters were not all together through this book, for apparent reasons....hunting the rogue.

In this book things get continue to spiral out of control as the rogue is skilled in more ways then one, and many of the hunters are far outclassed in attempting to match their skills. Even with that becoming known to many, the challenge of the hunt is hard for most to resist. Some run into more then they can handle, which doesn't bode well in their favor, while others have better luck in hunting the rogue and facing off.

Vivian is faced with her inner demons of being the master vampire and trying to not let her power and darkness take over again. She has a great deal of difficulty in realizing that she may need a seethe and others to help her, stubborn as she is and believing it to be solely her job to protect the guests and her seethe from more losses. She eventually realizes through a few of he seethe that they are there to help her as well, she isn't alone in this.  Once she realizes things become crystal clear to her on how to handle the rogue.

Rafe is by her side for much of the story and at times is the one who helps her clear her head and get back on track. He also helps her reason and not make rash decisions. He also realizes of of the seethe has eyes for Vivian and he wants to do something about it, but knows that Vivian would loose her best servant if he does, so he wisely keeps his mouth shut. This situation has a drastic turn later in the story which you have to read to believe.

This story is a great continuation of the first in this series and if you liked the first, this one doesn't disappoint in the least. The characters are greatly developed and have a better sense of themselves. The plot is astounding and keeps you guessing. The villains are well thought out, very calculating and cold. A excellent sequel.

A pure 5 from this reader and fan.


  1. Thank you so much, Sara! You did a great job on the review and I'm thrilled to see you enjoyed the book as much as you did!

    If I can con, beg, or plead endlessly until you desire to shut me, to get you to post your reviews on Amazon and B&N I can promise you a free gift of book three when it comes out.

    I never forget a reader who does the kind service of posting a review for me, and a free book in thanks is the least I can do for you taking the time.

    Off to read your review of V V -- thanks again! I've had a rough couple of days and getting the pleasant surprise of your eloquent review really made me feel much, much better.


  2. I just won these and look forward to reading them!

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