Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: The Fallen Prince (Keepers of LIfe #2) by Shea Berkley

There is a magical realm that exists alongside the human realm, but it wasn’t always so. The firsts are beings who were created to nurture the land. The world was split into two realms, and the firsts were allowed to redeem themselves. Sadly, the majority continued with their self-indulgent behavior to the point where one of their own, a king, became so obsessed with power, he was secretly banished by the court in hopes his absence would calm the masses. But a spark of madness was ignited and not even the lost king's absence could curtail what he set in motion.

Note: Book was provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.


This book takes off shortly after the end of the first book, The Marked Son. Dylan and Kera are in the human realm, avoiding returning to Teag as many don't want Dylan to return. Lately, Kera has been acting strange and suddenly run off leaving Dylan wondering whats wrong. His connection with Kera usually allows them to know how the other is feeling, but lately its been weaker. One afternoon, she does just that, but Dylan chases after her, but has lost her in the woods while he begins to get "hot under the collar" and the next thing he knows he's a walking torch. He's a danger to everyone if he can't control his anger which seems to make the new power grow and show itself. His dreams are haunted by a man he knows all too well to him, but unsure of his true intentions. He is left with a mind full of "what ifs" and thinking things aren't what they seem.

If that isn't bad enough a giant pink spiky worm/snake pops out of the ground... Things are going from bad to worse ans they realize the creature is armor plated and human weapons can't get past it's armor. Good thing for Dylan and his new power, the creature has already had a hold of his grandfather, but when it goes for his Grandpa that sets Dylan off. He holds his sword in hand, and it erupts in flames and he lunges for the tongue reaching out slicing it off. This only makes it MAD and Dylan and Kera work hard to get rid of this creature form Teag. This sets everything else into motion.

Kera ends up visiting to Teag only to find thing are not as they should be. Some of her friends believe she has abandoned her people and that they aren't any better off than before. There is an evil loose that is reeking havoc all over, and with a new leader, who is turning their world to ashes. Her friends show her whats going on when shrill cries send them running into a scene straight out of a human horror movie. They help save the people, but the danger isn't fully gone. This evil is hungry and it seeks to take over. They fend them off with the help of Kera's new magic. She reluctantly returns to the human world to try and iron things over.

More creatures are coming into the human world, causing havoc, one was sent after and captures Kera sending her back into Teag, but not into a good part. As she learns where she has been sent and tries to find shelter she's lured into a deadly trap. Lulled into a false sense of security and snared by a dark creature in The Unknown. She succumbs to a dream where she is visited by the same man haunting Dylan, he offers to help her, but her dreams grow darker in nature and she realizes the horror of what is truly happening.

Everyone mist fight to save both the human and magic realms before the evil leeches out and ruins both worlds, but can Dylan learn to use his powers and accept his birthright as the ruler of Teag, save Kera and restore peace or will this new enemy be more powerful then Dylan and send Teag and eventually the human world into darkness? You have got to read this adventure to find out!!

I have been anticipating The Fallen Prince for a LONG time, ever since Shea published The Marked Son I knew things were only ramping up. Dylan and Kera together have to harness new, untamed dark powers, stronger then any they've faced yet. Along they way the encounter new dangers, new allies and an unforeseen evils being let loose. Shea builds up the adventure again with more creatures, more mysteries and more danger. The fallen Prince doesn't disappoint in this continuation! I gladly give this story 5 stars for getting me hooked again and I'm (again) anxiously awaiting the third story, The Bastard King.

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