Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dirty Little Secret #47

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"Book abuse! Whats the worse thing you've done to a book?"

I'm probably a bit like Annie, when a book is so tightly bound that I can't actually read the book, I will break some of the binding, but not the way she does. I break it from the inside by opening it and then putting a BIGGER book (think dictionary) on top of it for a while. Otherwise I'm the type that is really bad about books with paper jackets, like my hardcover copy of Julie Kagawa's Immortal Rules I have at home. The jacket has some tears and rips around the edges and it's a little frayed. I have been better about keeping it safely tucked away lately so it won't get battered anymore.


  1. A little Frayed is not bad.=)

    1. I know right, me and my practically NON-existent paperback/hard cover collection. *pouts*

  2. That's what dust jackets are for! To keep the actual book from being injured. ;) It's actually a horrible thing librarians have to do for books that have been sitting on our shelves since the test of time. Open the book and the spine usually cracks. *winces* Ah, well, that's the process of weeding. Not too bad for you, I'd say.

    1. Not my fault the darn publishers put to much glue on those bindings! How can we read words when half get hidden because of this. I try to be gentle with my books, they need to last (especially when I want to reread those steamy scenes ;-) ).

  3. I'm just guilty of carrying books with me everywhere, battering them, folding them, tearing them, etc. By the time I'm done with a book, you can definitely tell it's been read, and not in a good way. :D

  4. Yes! *high five*

    I remove the jackets when I read a hardcover. I'm afraid to rip them!


  5. I get what you're saying. I do that too. I use the jackets as bookmarks sometimes though.

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