Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Love Me Top 100 Kindle Giveaway from Diane Alberts



If Love Me gets to the Top 100, Diane is giving away a Kindle (wi-fi) with a customized cover with Tommy’s abs on it! That’s right, not only do you get a Kindle, but you get an AUTOGRAPHED Love Me cover for your Kindle, too! But remember, Diane only gets to give one away if enough people hear about Love Me and buy it so it hits the Top 100!

Enter as much as you want, but unless Love Me hits the Top 100, no one wins the grand prize! Buy, share, and tweet this contest! Let’s reach our goal!

She's planning a celebration already! She's going to be giving away a Kindle with Wi-fi (Est. Value $69) AND an autographed, custom Love Me cover (Est. Value approximately $30) if Love Me hits the Top 100 on either site!

Already have an e-Reader? She’ll give you a giftcard for the value of the e-Reader if you prefer, to Barnes and Noble OR Amazon! I know a lot of people don’t have one yet, and I’d love for more people to get to read eBooks.

To help make that happen, all you have to do is spread the word in any way you can–blog about it, post on twitter, Facebook, etc! The sky is the limit! While a purchase is not required to win, those fans that have already purchased Love Me, can get an extra ten entries! Simply submit your order confirmation number.

Can it get any easier than that?! Help make Love Me hit the Top 100 today, and spread word about the contest. The more people involved, the higher the chances of hitting the Top 100! You can gain extra entries by tweeting about the contest EVERY SINGLE DAY! Winners will be picked after the contest closes, on July 4th, 2013. Contest opens today, April 30th, and the deadline to enter is midnight on July 4th, 2013.


If Love Me doesn’t hit the Top 100, she's still giving away a consolation prize–a signed Kindle case with Love Me’s book cover–aka Tommy’s abs!!

Barnes and Noble | Amazon

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If #LoveMe hits the Top 100, @DianeAlberts is giving away a Kindle! Check out #LoveMe & RT!



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