Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Break Out - Nina Croft

I had heard about her book from several other bloggers and figured I would give it a read.

The book is a bit shorter then I had anticipated,but every page is full of some form of adventure, trouble or a situation.

Break out is a Sci-Fi, Paranormal Romance, so it has elements of both. Many of the characters are science fiction style, but you definitely get a good sense of many of the main characters once you meet each one.

Humanity has fled Earth, which has become uninhabitable in search of immortality and to continue to live. Two groups have separate ways they believe people should live out their lives. There are those who can afford the hefty price of  Meridian to obtain immortality and those who want to be immortal, but cannot afford Meridian.

Rico is a renegade vampire who is being hunted by a group called the Collective (Sounds like something straight out of Star Trek). He can come of as a womanizer a bit until you get to see his true character.He was once human and as such knows much about humanities past including some customs and traditions. He is also the owner of his ship, which he permits Tannis to be captain of.

Captain Tannis is ruthless and her only objective is to get the money needed to become immortal. As such being her flaw, she takes on a dangerous mission which will get her to her goal. But as she finds out later on, things don't always go as you plan. She is highly suspicious of their "passenger" who assists with the mission.

The Passenger, who provides the information about their mission is Skylar. Skylar is a human who hires Rico and crew to complete the mission. She is cold and calculating and attracted to Rico.

As the crew and Skylar get into the mission things are starting of well, but some things still don't add up. Tannis knows this, Rico does also, but with Being a vampire he knew before Tannis.

I wont spoil what evolves or how it ends as even I was a bit surprised by how things turn out. All in all, this was a good read, If you like your paranormal with a twist of found a good story.

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