Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Night Walker - Lisa Kessler

Finished reading Lisa Kessler's debut novel, Night Walker today. Her telling is a unique twist on you usual vampire lore of what they are characteristically like. Our Hero, Calisto Terano is a classic love lorne guy. The reincarnation of his once lost love has finally come back. But as history begins to repeat itself, he is forced into situations beyond his control.

Kate Bradley is the reincarnate of Calisto's lost love. Haunted by dreams she cannot shake of a woman she doesn't know. Upon a chance meeting of Calisto, she's drawn to him for reasons she doesn't understand.

At first this book was a little hard to get into as you are introduced to Calisto and Kate back and forth, but once they met things started happening. They get you hooked and wondering just how crazy things can get. It ears well and is surely a keeper for any Paranormal Romance reader.

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  1. Why did this just come through my google alerts now??? LOL

    Sorry Google is so slow... Thank you so much for reviewing Night Walker!!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the book! :) Night Thief will be out in September! Cover coming soon...

    Lisa :)