Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dirty Little Secert #6

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"Zombies are attacking your house!
What do you grab first?" "

Zombies? Are you serious??!! I'm not about zombies, but I can play with that. If I had a shotgun I'd likely grab that so I can clear my exit route...then make a mad dash for my car before they can come after me. Since I don't truly have a shot gun I guess anything blunt and sharp will have to do...then make a break for a vehicle to get the hell out of dodge! and fast!


  1. The Shotgun is great, if I was a good at it I think I would own one and then I could blow some heads off....I would like to see that but in the same way that would mean a zombies attack so not for me! LOL
    Love your blog design BTW!

  2. I'd be so afraid of making a mad dash! That's one of the scariest parts of all zombie movies...cause you just KNOW that zombie hubby is chilling in the back seat of

  3. I'd be completely useles with a shotgun, so I'd need to grab someone who knew how to use one first! Then I'd run and fast.

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves
    My DLS

  4. If you run have a destination in mind. You don't won't to flee into a worse situation than you left behind.

  5. GOOD PLAN BABE!!! I would also stay outta your way *wink*