Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dirty Little Secret #39

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"Half the year has gone by already!
Tell us your favorite books so far!"

I've found quite a few great books this year. I've gotten into Contemporary Romance with Laura Kaye (Her Forbibben Hero>and Diane Alberts (Try Me). I'm hooked on Jodi Redford and many of her books, especially those involving shifters. I'm finding erotic books quite fun as well. I love Felicity Heaton's VET series and Ann Mayburn's series For the Love of Evil. I've discovered shifter books thanks to Dani Harper and her Changlings series. I'm going to take a haitus from tour hosting this fall so I can TRY and catch up on BDB, LOTU, and several other series now on my radar, I still have my auto-buy authors whose books are like sacred to me and always get bumped to the top of my TBR pile, but I have a lot I want to read so I can join all the conversations.


  1. I have a lot I really want to read too, but hosting seems to push them aside. Think a haitus is a good plan!

    Loved Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye, so I'm looking forward to Her Forbibben Hero. It's on my kindle ready to read, yay!

    Here's my DLS this week:


  2. I have Felicity Heaton and Dani Harper's books on my TBR but haven't been able to get round to them. I'm too addicted to IAD, Psy-Changeling and LOTU at the moment.

    Here's my Dirty Secret this week.

  3. I Love Gena Showalter's LOTU series, and I've heard of Try Me by Diane Alberts, on my soon to be read list :)

    My DLS

  4. I haven't read any of those books, they're still sitting on my TBR list! lol. I'm behind on BDB though :(

    My DLS

    Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads

  5. I've read a couple on your list--and am a huge fan of Laura Kaye's books. LOVED HID.
    The other that I read was Harper's Shifters...but have only read book one, which I did enjoy.
    Yes---you must get to BDB :)
    enjoy your hiatus! You will be missed.
    Here is my DLS:

    1. HI C.S -
      I'm not taking a full blogging hiatus.. Goodness my stats would drop faster then I can blink an eye! I'm only taking a hiatus from book touring as there are many series I would like to read which I have not had time due to taking on book tours. I'll be reading what I want and also reviewing some titles from NetGalley. No need to worry! :-)

  6. hehe that's what I'm doing now. Been doing that for a while. Since I'm so busy I need to only read books I know that I'll like. I don't have the patience to sit down for review books that might not be what I want to read.
    Hope you catch up soon!

    My DLS

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  7. I really need to catch up on my BDB series. Have a nice weekend.

    My DLS