Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Journey to a New Me

Good Morning Everyone.

I know this is completely off topic for the blog, but I felt my journey towards a healthier life is best shared and hopefully accepted along my weight loss path. I will be sharing small "tidbits" about how I feel each day, weekly progress and other things I think would be of interest.

Short Background:
After my son Ryan was born in 2004 I was told I had VERY high blood pressure (Hypertension Stage 2) and was put on daily medication. I have been living a fairly sedate lifestyle, with little to no constant exercise or much physical activity. With the medication I was on containing a diuretic (water pill) I also had to go in for blood work semi annually. It was a week or so after my most recent visit in the end of September that the letter that spurred this change arrived by mail. My blood work was abnormal. My Doctor informed me that I was now a very high pre-diabetic and that my blood glucose level was VERY high as well. If I didn't make changes I very likely would end up becoming diabetic.

I was horrified, I am still young by most standards and not exactly "fat" but as I have taken note of how I have lived my life and the implications of continuing that life, I had to make a change. That letter was the catalyst I needed. I chastised myself for letting my health get to this point and I cried thinking about what could happen to my family if my health continued on that downward slope.

After taking a week to look over the various options I decided to go to a Medifast Center and see if it is right for me. With their support and weekly check-ins I can see my progress on a manageable scale and see the changes in myself. Today I begin my journey to a healthier slimmer me. One with enough energy to keep up with Ryan, go out dancing with the girls or to exercise without getting exhausted within a few minutes. I'm not thinking of this as a "diet" its a progressive lifestyle change. And one I plan to conquer.

I hope you will follow my journey with me.

Your friend,


  1. Sara,
    I am most proud of you that you are more than willing to do something about this. You really are doing something good not only for you but for your son!
    I'll be hear to cheer you on this journey! Good Luck, stay strong and God bless!!!

  2. That's pretty awesome you're taking the steps to get healthier and sharing it with everyone! Great inspiration :) Hope you're first few days have gone well!