Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dirty LIttle Secret #11

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"Say you're hosting a Christmas dinner party. Which three fictional characters would you like to invite?"

only three?!?!? How cruel! *sigh* I guess my first choice is Gin Blanco from Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series. Of course she'd have to bring Owen with her. *drools* then I'd choose Raphael and Elena from Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series. BTW, each pair count as one to me because they are nearly inseparable from each other! And last, but not least Asheron from Sherriyln Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. I'd love to see his hair go red and green for the holidays!! LOL. And there you have my "three" for a dinner party. I'll have Ash ALL TO MYSELF!!! *grins*


  1. Lol at the pairing comment! Damn, why didn't i think of that!


  2. Nice! Me too I was: only 3??? LOL I think I would made a private party with all the super sexy fictionnal characters and I'd love to party all the time for a month non-stop... hmmmm.

  3. Oh, Acheron is VERY welcome to my dinner party, too. And lunch. Breakfast. Snacks. Tea. Bed. Tabletop. Whatever. LOL

  4. Yea...I really wish I would thought of the pairing! Dammit...LOL! Oh well....great picks. Acheron is definitely drool worthy!

    New blog btw!My DLS!

  5. I don't know those people!! I suck ass lmao!!!

  6. Eek!! I love your answers! i would want to come to your party, if you'd let me!!! It would rock!!


  7. I figured by picking Simi, Ash would have to pop in so I get two for one. Good picks!

  8. *headdesk* I haven't read any of these yet but I'm dying to start Guild Hunters and Dark Hunter!

  9. Acheron and Raphael, good choice babe!

  10. It is hard to choose! There would be a major rake, a super sexy vampire and a millionaire of course!

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