Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dirty Little Secret #15

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"Do you prefer your heroes dark and broody

or blonde and boisterous?

Now if THAT isn't a pointed question I don't know what is. However, I am with Ann on this. I WANT BOTH!! It really does depend on the hero... Some are great dark and broody, with the blonde and boisterous has his perks too. I'll admit the scale is heavily skewed as I've read a majority of my PNR, UF, and Romance are mostly dark and broody. Take for example the infamous Raphael from the Guild Hunter series - OBVIOUSLY dark and broody. Same thing with my Latino favorite - Callisto from Lisa Kessler's Night Walker. I can't even recall many yet who were blonde, although - Acheron form Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter somewhat fits, he is NOT boisterous by any definition. Am I right? Come to think of it the only Hero I CAN think of who would be blonde and boisterous is Dylan from Shea Berkleys's The Marked Son. He's got such a life spark I can't believe what the poor kid went through in book one!!! LOL

And that's my POV on the Dark and Broody versus the Blonde and Boisterous.


  1. Hey, now that you mention Dark Hunters. I'm about to start that series next. Can I read out of order or is that a big no-no?


  2. Greedy, no? LOL...don't blame you. However, I tend to lean more on the dark and dirty side.
    It's my weakness and my cross to bear, lol to see what I likey :)

  3. Rhage from the BDB is the epitome of blonde and boisterous aaaannnd he can bring the big, bad and broody on as well. Perfect world!