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Review of Reclaimed by Diane Alberts

Reclaimed by Diane Alberts

After moving to England, Sabrina tumbles into an unknown world when she meets the man who has appeared to her in her dreams. After recovering from shock, she wonders how it is possible that Isaac could be in her dreams-before she met him. The shocking answers catapult her into a world where ruthless creatures roam freely along unsuspecting humans, and battle lines are clearly drawn.

While embarking on a dangerous and passionate affair, a bitter enemy appears from Isaac’s past that will stop at nothing to remove her from Isaac’s arms. Permanently. In order to establish a foreseeable and solid future, Sabrina must first deal with a tumultuous past. Navigating a shadowy world she never knew existed; Sabrina fights for her new-found love…and her life.


“Would you like to come in for a nightcap? I have wine…or coffee…or tea, or....” She stuttered to a stop, unsure of what to say.

God, she was such an idiot.


Who the heck said nightcap anymore?

“While I’d love to take you up on that offer, I have something I have to take care of tonight. Could I get a rain-check? For, say, tomorrow night? We could do a movie and wine? Or is tomorrow too soon in the dating world?”

“No, not too soon at all. I’d love to see you tomorrow.” She tried to hide her disappointment behind a bright smile. “You can call me, and we’ll firm up a time then. Good night.”

She turned to go inside and was caught off-guard when he grabbed her elbow and spun her to face him. It happened so quickly she was leaning back against the door in confusion; one hand was on the doorknob and the other braced against the cool steel of the door. He moved his body closer to hers, and placed his hand at her head. His other hand cupped her cheek while his thumb stroked her jaw line. All thought fled as his body pressed against hers, and a small swoosh of air escaped her lips at his touch.

“I didn’t think it was possible for you to grow more beautiful, but yet you have proven me wrong.” When his lips met hers, she lost all thought, all ability to move. It was as if she was tied to this spot—this man. She needed to be like this. To have his arms around her, his lips on hers. It was so powerful that if he hadn’t supported her with his weight, she’d have fallen to a heap on the ground.

When he ended the kiss, it took all of her control to stand upright. She fought the urge to fling herself at him and knock him to the ground in her haste to seduce him.


Where to start without spoiling this wonderfully engaging story! Ack!

Sabrina, on a hunch, moves to England in into her new, secluded home to continue her writing career. She has no family or friends here, but makes the best of the situation. She is getting around and making her home, more to her taste. It is here the dreams began. To her they felt real, it didn't feel like a dream and the gentleman she meets couldn't be more then anything like the ones she writes about in her books. He remains a mystery, but tells her to meet him. She starts to think she's heading straight for the "padded cells" believe she's crazy to believe he'd be real. However, her curiosity gets the best of her, more times then one. Even after meeting the handsome man from her dreams, Isaac Sterling. She finds she can hardly stop thinking about Isaac and how much a true gentleman he is. But the dreams keep coming and she believes its him in her dreams, but even after the man of her dreams keeps thinking her to be Amelia. Waking from her dreams she can't help but feel like she's being watched from the shadows.

Things are getting better between her and Isaac as he watches over her very protectively, and her dreams and the man she believes is Isaac in her dreams. However,it always seems he has to leave her at the most inopportune times and she's left wondering where he goes off to.

Things aren't what they seem when her dreams start to become reality as she awakens from dreams where she is being chased and hunted and her hands are scraped and her lungs burn as though she was running for her life. She finds out many things about Isaac and his brother, Elijah, whom he is not close to anymore. She has no clue that things are going to take on a paranormal twist of their own.

Isaac is the only one who knows what is going on, but doesn't know its because of Sabrina. She IS being hunted, but not only by the man of her dreams, but by a nasty creature bent on her dying. Sabrina doesn't know, but everything seems to have a sense of deja vu. And she soon find out why, turning her world upside down as she has to fight for her life and her heart.

This was an excellent read. It had me wondering what was going on until close to the end when things really took on a twist. I really loved how Sabrina stuck with her guns, but also had a very playful quality to her. Being a writer was a perfect career for her and seeing her get sucked into her writing was a nice way of bringing her into reality. I loved how she stood her ground in the face the dangers presented her. Seeing her dreams be so vivid and melding with reality was a twist I didn't expect along with Isaac's protective nature towards her. Isaac was a gentleman from the start and keeping an eye on Sabrina who didn't like being told what to do, was not an easy challenge when time after time, she'd disobey. When things got complicated as the twists unfolded everything comes full circle and she learns there is much more to reality then she ever imagined. Including Isaac and Elijah. Diane does a superb job of keeping me on my toes and wondering what will happen with Sabrina, Isaac and the man of her dreams. The plot flowed well and was never dull. We get a great idea of how Isaac is the protector and the seducer to Sabrina and to what extremes he goes to keep her safe. The end was GUT WRENCHING!!! I won't say much more, but I definitely think this is one that any paranormal romance fan should read. I solid 4 starts to Diane Alberts for her well-written novel.

About the Author:
Diane Alberts lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband, four kids, and a bird. She lives in the mountains-but wishes it were the beach. She has been writing since she was in elementary school, but only recently fulfilled her dreams of being published in 2011. Enjoys dyeing yarn and knitting in her "spare" time.

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  1. You totally got my day started off on the right foot! I'm so happy when someone gets my story and loves it!

    Thanks for leaving such a thorough review!

  2. The book sounds fantastic! Yet another for my tbr pile. Congrats!

  3. Thanks! It's currently screaming cheap at $.99! We want to get my name out there-and I want everyone to meet Sabrina and Isaac! :D