Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reivew: Light My Fire by Jodi Redford

Aiden and Jace Fortune are twin Drakoni (dragon shifters) who are on the verge of becoming the ultimate alpha dragons in their clan. However they must mate and claim their sacrifice before they can take their rightful place. Aiden is a more contemporary person who thinks that some traditions should be thrown out as they are very behind the times and are also very vague and not very clear on what has to be done. Jace is the laid-back, relaxed brother because he believes that Aiden alone is due to be the true alpha dragon. Until Aiden is given the ultimatum of finding and claiming the sacrifice or loose his chance at being the alpha and being banished from the clan.

Dana Cooper is a struggling artist who sells her works at the local Renaissance Festival and at her local gallery. She is a fantasy lover as her paintings and works are typically those of fairies and other things of that sort. When Aiden and Jade come walking into her small fair booth she gawks at their likeness and the looks plastered on their faces. Poor girl is gonna fall...and hard. Unfortunately she hasn't a clue what these strapping handsome men have come for her. And chances are she wouldn't believe them if they told her anyways.

Aiden and Jace are a force to be reckoned with as they tell her they are there to protect her, even if she doesn't think she needs protecting. Her friend in the Tarot booth tells her they were sent for her, but she doesn't believe in that and shakes it off, but as she finds out things aren't always what they seem, and neither are Jace or Aiden. However she tries to get them to leave, and ends up nearly killing laid back Jace! Aiden meanwhile is falling in love with determined and strong-willed Dana, but soon finds out that a Council member is setting up a trap of his own to get Dana so Aiden can't fulfill his destiny. Things get more complicated as another Drakoni end up getting involved as there is a link between her and the Council member out for Dana. Whatever are Jace and Aiden to do?

They do end up finding out what is going on and devise a plan to get to the council member, however they didn't count on a Hunter to complicate things. This hunter isn't out for Dana, but for one of our heroes...and he wants his ultimate battle to prove his worthiness as a supreme hunter. Aiden find out who it is and finds out that he has to get to the hunter before he hurts Dana and eliminate the threat he possess. We do get our HEA, but I wont spoil it.

I loved the story, and I love Dragons so this book was really neat for me to read. I loved how Dana wanted to be rid of the twins, but grew on the idea of having them around. The chemistry is HOT with all three, but a coupling is evident as the story progresses. Jodi wasn't kidding with her warnings, kinky dragon bondage DOES ensue as do improper use of paintbrushes! I about dies laughing, but that could be because I'm an artist as well so reading that scene certainly does inspire some visuals. I did have to wonder what part Jace was going to play as he was definitely being played as a second-hand character. However, he had many moments where he was needed and came out blazing HOT! Another story to captivate me even more. A solid 4 of 5 stars for Light my Fire.

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