Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reivew: Memory of Roses by Blair McDowell


Brittomartis "Brit" McQuaid is a young author and college instructor in a bit of a writing funk after her Father's death in which he has left his Greek estate to Brit with the simple words, "Perhaps Corfu will help you find happiness." She is still feeling the pains and loss, but a mysterious package with instructions has her wondering what happened on Corfu with her father? She has a sabbatical coming up, so why not use it and go to Corfu? She has put in her request and is ready to leave behind the fragmented and fractured past which is keeping her from happiness.

Once upon arriving and situated in her hotel until she can travel to the remote areas of Corfu she meets some locals who help her find her estates caretaker. She finds the home has not been used in quite some time since her Father left Corfu, it needs some housekeeping and touch-up, but can be done in time with some good hard labor. She also finds some new friends in the caretakers niece, who is a maid in a local hotel during the tourist season and her caretakers son, who undertook the caretaker of the estate when his father, the original caretaker dies several years ago.

Then comes Andreas Leandros. Her live flesh version of the Hermes statue in the Greek museum. He arrives to her estate thinking the "Doctor" McQuaid is her father whom he spoke with more then 10 years before when he spoke at a conference. Brit thinks he is there to speak to her, only then to learn of her father's death, he ends up helping her restore a central fountain out in the courtyard wit the other help, but ends up falling for Brit...hard. He believe that he and her share a very spiritual deep connection, but Brit is trying to pawn all the help and his attraction on the estate and the feeling of Corfu.

With her estate being restored love is blooming all around her as she begins to learn how the Greek way of life is slower, more relaxed and more meaningful spiritually. She also get to experience the holidays there and how they differ from the States. She comes to love Corfu, but must settle things back in the states - selling her old house, which has been rented out thanks to her Father's old lawyer and financial manager. She also resigns for her teaching position. She also learns she is wealth beyond her imagination. She realizes she doesn't need the money as the Greek way of life the husband, male head of house is to pay for the mortgage and other expenses. This is hard for Brit having grown up independent and on her own.

We also get a glimpse into the past from both Brit's fathers point of view near his death and that of his Greek Love, Maria. These helped get into what went on during her father's time in Corfu and what happens upon his return home. It was a total shocker! Not going to say anymore, you really need to read about it for yourself.

There are some BIG surprises near the end, which I cannot and won't spoil which set a darker tone in the end, but it takes a turn which I didn't expect and make me happy. The ending was superb and very well done. I really ended up falling for Brit and Andres as well as the other characters as they all became fast friends, and ended up pairing off. Blair did a wonderful job of spinning in the Green mythology and the Greek way of life and making it feel so relaxed and normal. It was a perfect surrounding to set the story and introducing all the local people and how everyone knows everyone really was true in such a small intimate community.

An excellent true romance with a touch of mythology to make it genuine. I loved seeing Brit grow and Andreas change together to adapt to each others way of life. When they are together they work in unison, two halves make the whole. Highly recommend for those who like a touch of history and growth in their stories. A strong 4 of 5 for Memory of Roses.

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