Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: Fever by Joan Swan

Review Book courtesy Kensington Publishing

Doctor Alyssa Foster is just trying to work her way up the ladder for a new position at work, but she has a co-worker who likes to weasel his way around and make her look like the under-dog in their quest to for a better position. All she's doing is taking extra shifts for coworkers and others who need help. However it seems that fate is out to get her one night when she takes on another shift, but being a radiologist for the local prisoners who need medical attention...

Enter Teague Creek, who was being seen for his medical needs, Accompanied by two officers Creek is being treated for injuries when he takes Alyssa hostage, and plans to use her to attain his freedom and get his daughter back and escape from authority. He escapes with the help of another inmate who had outside connections. Unwittingly they didn't know Alyssa wasn't their intended target, they never checked her identity before taking her hostage and taking off. They expected a docile and complaint Hannah to be their captive and sex slave. They certainly got their hands full with Alyssa, she's not willing to give up everything just because of the situation she's in. Creek is challenged by her when she tried to escape several times, only to get into more trouble in the process. with their pictures in the papers everywhere being seen in public is not a smart decision, but after Alyssa is seriously injured when a gang tries to go after them and get to Alyssa for their own purposes he risks it to get supplies he needs to help her.

Things go from Bad to worse as there is SWAT and FBI out to get Creek back in prison or if that doesn't work, kill him and anyone who finds out what he already knows. There is a deeper plot and back story to where Creek is coming from and Alyssa finds out as she sees that there is something more to Creek then what he is letting on. She comes to find out he was a Firefighter and Paramedic before a tragic warehouse fire caused him to gain a new "feature" and some unwarranted attention form the FBI and local authorities. He is now struggling to get custody of his daughter, gain his freedom, even if it means fleeing the US, and uprooting his daughter from her home. Alyssa finds a soft spot for the hunky fugitive and when she finds out whats really going on, she gets her brother, a highly powerful laywer involved.

I really loved how everything came together in the end, it was quite surprising and fun to see it end how it did. I didn't like Alyssa's overprotective brother for awhile, but he did grow on me quite well in the end for being a smart alec. Kudos to Joan Swna for creating a captivating and enthralling tale which got me on the edge of my seat and still being able to fully keep the romance and heat going throughout the entire story. A solid and gleaming 5 stars for her powerful debut.


  1. This book got added to my massive collection of books to be read last week. Glad to see another review praising it. Can't wait to finally get to it.

  2. Sounds interesting. Haven't read a romantic suspense in a while.
    I like how you managed to recap the story without spoiling anything.
    Fab review.
    _yay_ @ BookthatThing!
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