Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: My Lord Vampire by Alexandra Ivy

Review Book courtesy Kensington Publishing

Rogue vampires roam the mortal realm preying and feasting on the temptations of the human flesh and gorging on their blood to gain power. One has a higher purpose in the mortal world, ultimate power over mortals and domination over their world, the only thing in his way....the medallions which an older, powerful vampire entrusted unknowingly to three mortal maidens.

Gideon Ravel is a centuries old vampire sent back to the mortal world to protect one woman who holds one of the medallions that keeps vampires out of the mortal realm, thanks to the Veil. Called to the Council to to serve them he believes another vampire could better serve to protect a mortal, he is not as skilled as some of his brethren, but cannot deny a Council request so he returns to the mortal realm and crosses the Veil to seek out this threat.

Enter Lady Gilbert, a Ton (high society, upper class person) who only lives to entertain the high class, upper class of society and is the woman most Ton men seek to court and marry. She keeps them all at a distance so as not to get involved with them. She lives in elegance and extravagance as most Ladies do, her house has marble stair with intricate patterns and only the finest of everything. One night her world takes a turn she did not expect as Gideon seemingly appears out of nowhere at one of her gatherings, by which one can only enter by invitation.

Gideon is introduced to Lady Gilbert and she acts aloof towards him as she tries to make it clear he is unwanted and not invited to her gathering. Gideon, or Mr. Ravel as she initially takes to calling him only disdainfully, is rather intrigued at her ability to not be lured and seduced by his charms. He does manage to get under her skin at how he thinks so highly of himself and claims as much to Lady Gilbert. He claims she WILL be calling on him and then mysteriously walks out on her. This flusters her to no end and only keeps her more enticed by the mystery he does hold. Gideon on the other hand find this golden haired angel enticing and find that it stirs old dead emotions he long thought were well captured and dulled with living behind the Veil.

They encounter many troubles as the reason for Gideon's return to the mortal realm is nearly right in front of him. The rogue vampire is already aware that Lady Gilbert is one of the three and he will stop at nothing to get his hands/claws on that medallion. Gideon knows he is at a disadvantage because the rogue has more power, but still he must protect the Veil from coming down and reeking havoc on human-kind. Lady Gilbert thinks she doesn't need protection, but she didn't know it was someone she already knew. When Gideon can't seek out the rogue he takes to keeping page boys watching over Lady Gilbert's every move and to call on him if anything suspicious happens.

As they start to come to grips with the hard cold truth that they are falling in love, they both harbor dark secrets they think will send the other running for the hills and never looking back. This prevents them from trusting each other fully and truly acknowledging their feelings. Its only once the old, powerful vampire appears to each of them on her terms that they reveal their secrets and find love. However, the rogue has plans for both of them, and it doesn't look good unless Gideon can get rid of him first.

I found myself falling for Gideon as the story went on, he clearly has inner issues which he can't get over. Being in Lady Gilbert's presence doesn't help matters when the rogue draws closer. Even when Gideon encounters the rogue with her the tension is palpable and Lady Gilbert picks up on it easily. As she comes to realize just how close the rogue is to her she starts to accept Gideon and his presence. I loved how easy the story flowed and all questions were answered near the end. A solid 4 of 5 stars to My Lord Vampire.

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