Friday, April 20, 2012

To Comment or Not to Comment? Thats the Question.

Bieng a blogger is a serious matter to almost all of us bloggers, so when it comes to comments from the authors there are a few rules I abide by and I would like to think many authors would as well. I don't make them to complex as it only makes commenting and gaining a better relationship difficult.

My rules

  1. Comments are ALWAYS welcome
  2. Only positive comments direct on the blog please.
  3. If you wish to share constructive criticism please do that by E-mail.
  4. If you do send E-mail please be considerate.
  5. IF you wish you can explain why it was written that way, or ask for ways you think it can be improved for further WIPs.

See, nothing too complicated. It really is a courtesy to say thank you to the blogger for taking the time to read and review an author's works. I personally consider it a privilege to be able to read an author's works before it hits the main stream, or even shortly after it does and lets others know what happens (without spoiling major plot points) and give my honest review. I especially find it rewarding when an author DOES comment on the blog saying thanks. And as a few of my favorite Authors can attest, I can go fan crazy and stalk them on Twitter or Facebook...In a good way of course.

So please be respectful to to each other and we can have fun, meaningful relationships.



  1. I think a lot of feel the way you do. Interesting topicl

  2. Good manners takes you through the world, as we say in Jamaica.

  3. Well said - and you're not alone in your appreciative stalking . . . it's always a huge ego boost to have an author stop by an comment.

  4. Awesome thoughts on this subject! Totally agree.