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Interview with Debbie Gould

Good Morning everyone! I am thrilled to be having an interview with Debbie Gould. So without further ado...I welcome Debbie Gould!

Welcome and thanks for being today “Pick” Let’s dig in!

Hi there, thanks for having me today.

Please share a little about yourself, your works and what got you into writing.

Let’s see. I live in Vermont, full time as a nurse, have three kids, a daughter in the Air Force and two sons working in the family business. I love reading and on day found that I had a few stories of my own I wanted to tell.

Where did your interest in doing a INS Book come from?

? This is an awesome series Decadent has going. I’d read a handful of the stories and I fell in love with the premise and wanted to write a couple stories for it.

Did the plot and characters work out as you wanted or did they shape the book as you were writing?

I believe so. Certainly the Heroine did her job. The hero was a little tougher to control. And strangely enough, a secondary character, Bobby. The hero’s teammate and best friend stood out to me and screamed for his own story, which I’m working on now.

What research was used to determine the location in the story?

The setting I used was Fort Walton Beach, Florida, on the Pan Handle. My daughter is stationed there so I visit often. It such a beautiful area.

Was sticking with the 1NS Guidelines easy or difficult for you?

Not at all, Decadent Publishing has made it very easy for us authors to pen these 1NS’s. Heck, there are some set in space, the past, the future. They are ALL very fun.

Which character was the hardest to write and why?

Definitely the hero because of the guilt he’d been feeling and I think my story might catch a little flack for the way he behaved in the beginning, but I still stand behind his actions. He’d lost his wife and hadn’t been there for her. Yes maybe he reacted badly by shutting down, but we all cope differently to loss.

I always love the idea of a second chance, have you had any second chances that you didn’t pass up? If so, can you share a little about it?

Once, when I was teenager. I’d dumped a really nice guy for one of those bad boy types, LOL. A few months later, bad boy was history and I saw the old boyfriend, so went for it. As he was leaving I followed. When he got to his car I told him I still loved him. He looked at me….got in his car and drove away, LMAO. But I did meet my future husband that night so all was good. Its tough being a teenager ya know.

And finally my Fun questions:

Plotter or pantser?

Early Bird or Night Creature?
During the week, early bird. Weekends, definitely a night creature.

Which Character are you most like?
That’s a tough one. I guess I put a little of myself into all of them, but in this story I’d have to say Bobby, lol.

White, Milk or Dark chocolate?
No question, WHITE! Love it. And to all you doubters out there, it is too a chocolate!

Coffee Tea or other?
Me? LOL, umm cocoa.

Music or quiet while working?

Favorite place to sit and write?
Outside when the weather permits.

Computer or good old pen and paper?

Pick your poison (alcoholic drink of choice when going out)
Labatt Blue or Vodka Collins

Second Chance by Debbie

Lieutenant Colin Beckett, US Air Force special ops, lost his wife in childbirth while off on a mission. Two years later, he’s still trying to come to grips with the guilt that tortures him. And to complicate matters, he finds himself undeniably attracted to his wife's sister, Emily. Struggling with his desire, he tells himself he doesn’t deserve a second chance with such an amazing woman.

Emily wants Colin in her life and her bed. Enlisting the help of Colin's teammate's and Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand dating service, she plans to prove to Colin he can have everything he lost once again.

Will their one night lead to the happy ending she longs for or the loneliness he thinks he deserves?

About Debbie Gould

Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, at the age of two Debbie and her mother moved to New Jersey, spending many happy years on her grandparents' horse farm. You'll sometimes find this setting as a backdrop in her work. As a teenager, she and her mother found a new home in Vermont, where she currently resides. With a daughter in the Air Force, one son in college and the other working for the family business, Debbie now shuffles her time between a husband and full time job as a nurse, and writing.

About seven years ago, while looking at over three hundred treasured books lining her shelves, she realized there was a multitude of stories of her own clamoring for release. Since then, she's seriously persevered in keeping the keyboard in constant motion.

With two novels, Mountain's Echo and Infidelity, and two novellas, November Rain and Second Chance now published, Debbie is now also working with a partner, L.J. Garland. Together the two have written Sins of the Mind and are hard at work on many more manuscripts.

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