Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review - Night Games by Crystal Jordan

Night Games
By Crystal Jordan

Over time, the Magickals have learned to live in the company of humans and keep their extraordinary abilities a secret. But despite their vigilance, one lurks among them who will stop at nothing to obtain his dark desire...

A cop with the Seattle P.D., Selina Grayson is committed to both her job and her privacy. Few know that she's a centuries' old elf with a tragic past that continues to haunt her. Yet her body still craves the exquisite ecstasy of sex that is her birthright--and a night of complete sensual abandon is just what she needs...

A Special Agent with the FBI Magickal Crimes Unit, Jack Laramie is one of the few Normals who know Magickals exist. He's wary of their power, but one touch from Selina ignites a fire within his blood. Hot with desire, he's ready to succumb to her erotic spell. But working a serial killer case together isn't quite as pleasurable--especially when the killer has a taste for humans like Jack. Now one wrong move could put out their heat for eternity...


Selina Grayson is a Magickal Fae with enhances senses. She's thrown into her friends bridal party and forced to wear a dress she can't help but dislike. She would rather be alone at home then deal with other people and Magickals alike in a dress which reveals too much skin for her liking. Once her main obligations as over shes relaxing at the bar when she is approached by Jack Laramie and a night of pure pleasure ensues shorty after they both ditch the wedding. Early the next morning Jack is called into work, leaving Selina hanging without so much as a good bye kiss.

Jack Laramie is a Normal (human) who world for the Magickal division of the FBI. He also has a few dark secrets that he keeps from others. He doesn't want his past to haunt him, but he can't help but feel that what happened was his fault and could have been prevents had he been there when needed, and

Shortly there after, Selina is also called into work on a special case her boss knows she'll want to be involved in. Upon arriving she is asked to help the Normal FBI with a case which, with all sighs indicate that an old serial killer is back in town. Selina is shocked at how similar this is to a case she got involved in 30 years ago and the old memories come flooding back. She is more determined then ever to catch this killer before another victim falls prey to this horror. She believes this is not a copycat, but the very same killer who viciously her last living relative 30 years ago.

As Jack catches Selina entering the scene of the crime he can't help control his thoughts of what they did last night, but he soon learns that she has a very fine line drawn at what is acceptable on the job and what is not. Jack learns that he has to be professional and stoic around her and not show his feelings around her in public..after all this is just a friendship with benefits, or is it. As he works with her to iron out the details of what happened and try and crack any clues about who their killer is they find there is nothing linking them, but one Vampire who is as hard to catch as they come. enter Beth who has a secret of her own and is glad to help them track this vamp down.

Outside of work these two spend many nights in carnal pleasures and enjoying what they do to each others bodies. From Selina and her pleasure spells which allow them each to feel how they affect the other to seeing just how much they can handle. By day they try to conceal the lust they both desire, but some of their co-workers can sense things aren't as simple as they appear. As the case escalates and more victims are found all over the country from the past 30 years they are growing more desperate to find this killer, then things take on a turn as Jack's own stepfather

This was a spellbinding novel and a gripping tale as the væmpires are almost superior to vampires in many ways - stronger, faster, and far more devious then anyone would have thought. I loved Cassie's determination not to give in and let the væmpires have their way with her and how she fought to be free and fight, even if just to see Daniel again. Daniel had to come into his rightful place as acting king and look at the bigger picture when he wanted nothing more than to be with Cassie. Seeing both of them fighting for each other was endearing and captivating as they would do whatever they could to end of the væmpires trying to kill them both. I give this a solid 4 stars.

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