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Review - Wings of Desire by Arianna Skye

Wings of Desire
By Arianna Skye

Not your (grand)mother's fairytale...

Rhiannon Kinsley's life goes from boring to downright crazy when a freak lightning bolt strikes her laptop. To make matters even more bizarre, strange words and symbols flash across the computer screen and she hears a mysterious voice. Time to call the men in white coats! Then Cerne Silverwing, an intriguingly sexy man, appears. He insists she’s a faerie princess whose fate will determine his own. What a crock! Now she knows who really needs those white coats.

With the Dark Faerie forces threatening his kingdom, Cerne kidnaps Rhiannon and brings her to Fey, a land where magic knows no bounds. He's performing a duty to save his kingdom and nothing more—a duty that will bring him his wings and the strengthened magic that comes with them. If he doesn’t unite with the princess as her consort, those wings will never grow. But this princess grew up in the land of laptops and instant messages, and she’s convinced they're both crazy. Despite their differences, the two are thrust together to defeat the whip-wielding Dark Faerie Queen before she takes over the kingdom. Passion and peril aside, will Rhiannon and Cerne discover their true destiny?


Cerne caught her hand in his and gave her a heated gaze. "I didn't want to resort to this,” he said, his voice thick and heady. "But I've run out of options.” He pulled her against his hard-muscled body. With his thumb and forefinger, he lifted her chin.

Clenching her fists, she bit her lip. Tingling numbness filled her every pore. She attempted to pull herself from his embrace, but her body wouldn’t cooperate.
"Let me go! You're frightening me."

"It's for your own good and the good of your people, my sweet.” He traced a finger lightly over her lips. "Soon you'll understand.” He lowered his lips to hers and gently nibbled. Coaxing her mouth open, his tongue swirled with hungry strokes along hers.

She moaned softly as her traitorous tongue danced with his. Lessening his grip on her arm, he allowed her to press closer and rub her bikini-clad breasts against the hard ridges of his chest. Her nipples pebbled against the spandex of her swim top.

Stupid nipples.

She twisted her fingers in his dark mane, pulling him closer. Heedless of what she knew was right, she intensified the kiss. He hoisted her up onto his lap, letting her straddle the rock-hard erection that filled his trousers. Grinding her hips against his, she reached down to unfasten and untie the garment.

He pulled her hands away. "No, leannan. I just want to kiss. The joining must occur at Beltane—in Fey.”

"I'm not going to Fey—”

He reclaimed her lips. Intoxicating warmth spread throughout her body while he licked, sucked and nibbled. She gasped in pleasure and let his tongue probe the cavern of her mouth again. Light as a feather, she sighed in deep contentment. By God, was she floating? Closing her eyes, Rhiannon allowed him have his way with her.

"I'm sorry,” he breathed against her lips. "It was the only way.”

"What—” Her eyes flickered as spots danced before them until darkness took over.

About the Author

Arianna Skye is the erotic pen name of paranormal romance author, Sidney Ayers. She loves infusing stories with humor. What would the world be without a little bit of laughter? Arianna writes a plethora of genres, ranging from historical, to paranormal, to contemporary.

A native of Michigan, Arianna still lives in the same town she grew up in. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t seem to get away. Michigan is in her blood, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

To learn more about Arianna/Sidney and her books, you can visit either one of her websites at Arianna Skye or Sidney Ayers

Or find her on Facebook: Arianna Skye | Sidney Ayers

Follow her on Twitter: Arianna | Sidney Ayers


Rhiannon Kinsley is a lonely mid 20's single lady. She's a bit lonely and is again stuck at home with only her laptop and thr chatrooms for company, but her night takes aturn for the strangest when her laptop gets hit by lightning, she begins to hear a sexy mans voice and she can see strange symbols on the screen. Time to go call the Pscyh Ward! So when she gives up on her laptop and decides to take certain matters into her own hands, when all of the sudden the voice comes back and helps her get a grip, leaving her hot and heady with lust.

Cerne Silverwing is destined to be Rhiannon's consort, but first he must find out if she's tainted and that she is in fact the Princess that they believe she is. Not to mention get her to Fay to take her rightful place and save their land from the hands of Korrigan, the Dark Fairy Queen, who is hell bent on ruling all of Fey sending it into chaos. When he is given no choice, but to kidnap Rhiannon and bring her to Fey he is in for a surprise.

Rhiannon thinks this is a strange dream, that this place isn't real. As she learns in Fey, she is finding things here aren't all that different from Earth, with the exception of a few rather strange customs and rules they have. She begins to see she is accepted and cherished here, she has many close friends, and she is strangely comfortable here. Once she starts her Magic training and her pleasure training she starts to like things, but she still was determined to return to earth, she can't just disappear. However as things start to happen she finds she can't just leave these people when there is trouble, but in order to do so, she must take on her responsibilities and become the Princess she was destined to be. She agrees and her training commences, however when Korrigan nearly kills her lady-in-waiting, Onora, Rhiannon knows that was meant to kill her, and things get personal.

With the help of Maeve, Bel and Cerne her magic training progresses rapidly and she finds it almost natural to her. Before her training is complete Korrigan sets a few traps and kidnaps Rhiannon! Without her powers Rhiannon is helpless against Korrigan, but get some unlikely help form the Dark Queens sister, Aine. With Aine's help they hinder Korrigan and get free of her, but it only enrages Korrigan who sends her top hunter after them.

The battle is on with Rhiannon and Aine helping the White Fairie army protect their kingdom, their people, and their royal family, even to the death. Maeve, Bel, Cerne and the army are kept busy fighting Ogre's and trolls while Rhiannon and Aine taker on the deadly dragon riders. It's a fierce battle and it's far from over when Korrigan find s out her head hunter and his mighty dragon are charred. Things are far from over as Cerne comes to defend Rhiannon from Korrigan. Will they make it through and become life-mates or is their kingdom doomed to darkness? That I swon't spoil, you'll have to read for yourselves.

I'm not usually one who likes Fairie stories, but this was a fun, unique and intriguing story. I found it hard to put down as Rhiannon goes through her acceptance of Fey and her new family, love and her true role. I love how Arianna threw in a TON of expressions most of us use all the time. The poor Fey have no clue what she's talking about and more often then not she has to explain what our expressions mean. I loved Cerne and how he was hot-headed until near the end. He wanted to believe his feelings for Rhiannon were only lust and not love, but as they battle for the White Fairie land he sees her strength and determination he can't deny his true feelings, but can't find it in actually say, "I love you" This makes Rhiannon mad and she turns aay and gives him the cold shoulder treatment. I loathed and hated Korrigan and her truly black heart for all she did to the Faerie kingdoms she plundered and destroyed and enslaved the people. It was a well spun tale and it kept me turning pages long into many nights. A sound 4 of 5 stars to Arianna Skye for this winged novel.

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